It’s a great thing to be heard. It’s an amazing thing to be trusted.

I help women entrepreneurs capture the audiences they care about through powerful, honest, persuasive storytelling.

As an entrepreneur or creator, it’s easy to get caught up in what you do and lose sight of the “why” behind it. I help connect the dots between your product, purpose, and passion — so you can connect and build trust with the people you want to serve.


Hi, I’m Lisa

My mission is to help you get clear on your unique value and talk about it in a way that connects with the audiences that matter.

I’ve told the stories of agencies, corporations, and not-for-profits for 20+ years. Today, I apply that experience to help women entrepreneurs and creators tell their stories in ways that align with their purpose and increase their impact.

Rediscovering your purpose?
Refreshing your brand?

You’ve got an exciting story to tell!
I can help you:

Clarify and craft your message

Building trust and excitement with your audience requires a clear view of your value. I help you pinpoint what’s most compelling about your brand and then translate it into a relatable message that sets the foundation for powerful communications.

Connect through great content

When you’re writing your own copy or content, a strategic writing coach can dramatically improve your marketing impact. My coaching packages enable you to polish your brand and marketing content with the guidance of a professional copywriter.

Get wisdom for the creative journey

Are you a woman on a mission? Your work matters! Midlife Masterpieces podcast celebrates women over 40 who want to make an extraordinary impact. Join me for stories, tips, and encouragement along your journey!

“Lisa distilled a complex value proposition into clear, compelling prose…. Her content told our story and converted prospective customers into leads for our sales team.”

— B2B Marketer

“Lisa digs deep to help you determine and articulate ... a brand message that resonates with ideal clients on both an emotional and logical level. Lisa understands what clients respond to and is a master of language and marketing.”

— Corporate Executive / Entrepreneur

"I now have a clear, concise way to talk about my business where I didn't really before. I can speak to the services I offer and clearly communicate three quick, easy ways my clients benefit as a result...."

— Creative Agency Owner / Podcaster